On 8th May, Oracle Lodge 1003 will host a unique Masonic event - 'Capture the Travelling Maul' - to which ALL brethren are invited.

The Travelling Maul, originally introduced by R.W.Bro. Selwyn Davies, began its Metropolitan journey in Dalkey Lodge No. 261, January 2014. The idea was to encourage brethren to visit other Lodges. The rules were simple: if four or more brethren visited the Lodge holding the Maul, they could claim it and bring it home to their Lodge.

The time for the Maul to travel again is long overdue. Oracle would like to reintroduce it back into circulation among Metropolitan Lodges in a rather unique and 'Oracle' styled event, and in the Masonic spirit of visiting.

We are inviting Metropolitan Lodges to submit up to three teams to compete for the honour of taking the Travelling Maul home to their Lodge. They will do so by engaging in Masonic Enquiry.

Following the delivery of a short paper entitled 'What are the Ancient Landmarks of Freemasonry', the teams will be invited to reply, stating their own positions on the topic.

A judging panel of three respected Metropolitan Freemasons will then retire to adjudicate and select a winning team. The judges will be looking for best idea, insight and presentation.

To enter, each team should submit by email:

  1. the name of the Lodge,
  2. speaker's name (only one team per Lodge allowed),
  3. and the names of at least three accompanying brethren.
Teams will be selected on a first come basis. At least four brethren, including the speaker, should be in attendance from participating teams.

All other brethren are invited to the event irrespective of their degree and whether or not they are submitting a team. While the panel retires to adjudicate, an open discussion will be held when attending brethren will be invited to contribute to the conversation.

We look forward to receiving Team submissions and to welcoming everyone to Oracle Lodge 1003 and, most importantly, returning the Travelling Maul back into circulation among Metropolitan Lodges.

Metropolitan Travelling Maul

The Metropolitan Travelling Maul